Decking Cleaning Berkshire

Were you really pleased with your wooden decking when it was first laid? Does it now look a bit 'tired', drabby and dirty? It may also be covered in green algae and other forms of surface growth that can make it slippery and dangerous, even on a dry day.

The problems come with the damp, cool climate that prevails in Berkshire and the rest of the UK. Without regular cleaning and oiling, the effects of this weather will soon start to take effect. We can help by providing a professional decking cleaning and decking oiling service for Reading, Newbury, Maidenhead, Ascot and throughout Berkshire.

You might even have tried cleaning your decking yourself with a domestic power washer with little success. We use purpose built pressure cleaning equipment to remove any dirt, algae, muck or grime from your decking. Once we have removed any dirt and residue from the decking and the surface is dry, we recommend applying high quality decking oils. The oils will protect the decking from deterioration and inhibit algae growth and reduce future maintenance.

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