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Tarmac by its nature initially contains resins and polymers as part of the material. This is why in high temperatures the resins within the tarmac start to 'melt' causing it to become 'sticky'  for a couple of years after the surface has been first laid.

Over a period of time, exposed to sun, rain and wind the resins within the material will start to 'dry out' causing the Tarmac to lose some of its colour, crack and eventually break up. At Driveway Cleaning Berkshire Tarmac restoration is a process we specialise in. Our range of service's includes jet washing, filling in of cracks, repair of small holes, plus the application of Smartseal Tarmacadam restorer. See our image gallery...

Our professional rotary headed pressure cleaning equipment will remove all moss, dirt and algae from the surface. Once the surface is then fully dry we apply Smartseal Tarmac restorer . We can also carry out minor remedial repairs to tarmac surfaces in Berkshire.

This product replaces the the lost resins in the Tarmac and contains colour pigment that completely re-colours the driveway or car park. The application of tarmac restorer will leave the surface looking great, avoiding the need for expensive complete replacement. 

For a FREE quotation or more information on tarmac restoration in Berkshire enquire online or call us on 0800 988 0348. We will repair tarmac surfaces in Reading, Maidenhead, Windsor, Crowthorne, Newbury and Bracknell.

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Tarmac Repairs Berkshire image
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